Black matted fur

This feeling is gaining momentum, speeding like a bullet train I want to derail.
Don’t talk to me world in Japanese.
Last night, there was everything and nothing.
Trickling down before the avalanche.
I want to dig you out, I want to hold you up. I want to disappear into you in a moment and come out blessed.
Covered then uncovered.
Wearing a crown.
But the truth is most disturbing, it horrifies me.
Out of the dark, from the shadows that sweep and seduce, the creature came.
It carries you away.
Last night I saw you weep, and I could do nothing.
Out of your window, I see the poles being hoisted.
The trunk of the tree they are using to support the scaffolding groans in the night.
The darkness masks their deeds.
An untimely but justly death, my body will swing before dawn.
The creature has dropped you now; your blood was too sweet for it.
Its mouth is dripping with your past, blood smeared with virginal innocence.
How could this take place and I still be breathing?
I offer the creature my skull, it smashes down into blackness.


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