When it all falls down

Uninspired and on repeat, clinging to notions like a barnacle on a sunken ship.
What brought it down, what iceberg did I hit?
Sweet frigid love, drifting down from the Aritc. Penguins trapped in ice and resolve.
Yet it was the flames that used to lick at my skin, burning away the dirt and disgust long since decayed.
You sent me up there, loose on strings that you watched fly so high.
This kerosene love, this cocktail of heat and lust.
You let go.
And I began to drift, floating closer to the sun that the wax began to melt and the feathers failed me.
With your hands in your pocket, I know your game. I know you play with the matches.
Dropping them into the gasoline of us, watching us explode with your hidden dynamite.
Deflating and defeating I fold, unable to fight any longer.
Unable to pull you close and promise you we can change.
Your Hindenberg on display. Your dreams going up in smoke.
Now only the monolith of your heart, weathered and scorched by arguments and strain.
I am now the promise you couldn’t keep. You secret shame ready to be hidden away again.
Stitch my eyes and mouth shut, so I no longer see your demise.
I never could stand to see you cry.
Cut my hands so they won’t move to pull you in, or down with me.
My lungs are collapsing, in need of the kiss of life and pulmonary rehabilitation.
Like us.
You stand still, unmoving, watching me burn, blowing smoke into my soul.


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