Yours to dissect

I always knew.
These epiphanies like fireworks in my head. My chemistry pulsating towards yours.
You move back, detach. Repel like the wrong end of the magnet.
You smoke your cigarette, I taste the ash in my mouth.
Feeling for your touch, needing you near. Reaching out, only to fall further.
I fall back into my blood, swimming against the current of your love.
I always knew, yet never really comprehended.
I taste your daydreams and feast on the scraps you throw me now.
Like a dog tied up outside a newsagents, waiting restlessly for you to return.
The place we first met, that memory now is haunted by feelings I cannot control.
A life made up of isolated moments, laid out on the table of a relationship.
Carve, drink and hack away at them. Vomit out what you no longer require.
The pain cracks in your bones and you cry out. Jagged little hypnotics get swallowed down.
I drift into your subconscious. Into the sleep, the pre-cursor of death.
There is no life here anymore, since you went away. Since you said you needed your freedom.
My Frankenstein creation is laid to rest. Life bad, death good.
My monster love that caused such havoc.
Sinking slowly to the bottom of the sea.


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