Falling fathoms

I try to move a different way, so the crack doesn’t expand.
So this fissure won’t plunge further down.
Restless, I pace.
Weightless, I float. In the sea I kept at bay.
You know I’ve cried for you?
I know you’ve cried for me. Tears to fill this ocean we are on.
And now my ship is lost at sea.
Beneath the froth and mist of your anger, dwells a monster you kept hidden.
The Kraken of your heart.
Unleashed to drag me down, into your leviathan love.
My emotional timbers shiver, my rationale pieces of eight drop to the floor where you find me.
Re-setting the compass of tomorrow, I find the northern star and begin again.
Praying for you, like you prayed for me. Leading up to today.
Oceans of time in my hand, begin to drip when you tell me to leave.
Falling free into the unknown.


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