Insatiable beings

Picking at the itch, scratching at the pain.
I unfurl my skin and peak inside. Where my subconscious lies.
The reasoning for all my trauma, the soul I once tried to hide.
I seek them now, in my quiet isolation. In this quiet reflection.
This pensive state saddens me, it makes me wonder what I was thinking.
The justifications for existence slip away into the dust of tomorrow.
Analysis this then please Sigmund Freud: My heart beats inside a skull while the brain drifts into the unknown.
I am subservient, I crawl to meet their needs. The spineless state of perfection that I secretly enjoy.
What mold did I break from, why are these thoughts no longer my own?
I wriggle and writhe in the sub text of this love, the self-serving reasoning and boot licking.
Underneath that there lies my clinging behaviour. My abandonment factor.
The mildly reassuring nature of my schizophrenic tendencies, knowing I’m never alone.
I sit and chew the fat, and choke on the truth in this carnival of sinners.


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