Waking up under.
Blinking to, shutting out the light.
All this talk about love, despite the things I tell you.
Diving down into dark wonder, awakening those things that never sleep.
Like mean bats eating moths, these thoughts in my head gather and disseminate.
The good ones are nearly dead.
With the coming storm, the rains of the deep. The belly of this beast.
They’re muddled in their intent, their self-proactive despondence.
But the storm surprises, the hail brings you back to me.
Quietening the earthquake of my soul. Soothing the monsters in the dark.
Those subterranean doubts and needless whispers. Like a poisoned spider.
The rain is like you; everywhere. Washing away the grey.
Shutting down the gloom and stripping the world you will live in.
Covering the cave for eternity.


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