Ghosts from skeletons

All the things I say, sound like the useless things I’ve said before.
Tearing you down. Tearing you up.
Stripping away the truth and the skin to peek inside.
Wanting to find what I wanted before.
You fall on me like black snow. The weight of guilt and heavy bones.
The weight of our love is crushing me.
At my most detrimental, and your most beautiful.
We dance in the war of nothingness. Tiptoeing over the destruction.
I want to leave you in the sunshine. To bleach your bones and ill thoughts of me.
Rinsing your skeleton and drowning in your sorrowful thoughts.
That’s where I want to bathe.
Drive a nail so far deep into you, to fix you forever to the wall of my heart.
Though our magic is weak, we are yet determined.
Turing gold to lead, and love to hate.
Upside down alchemy. Inside out love.
Turning the skeletons of you and I into sad distant ghosts.


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