Drifting…into cover designs

Though I should really pick a release date, the ambiguousness of ‘Coming soon’ still rings appropriate for the forthcoming book. More information can be found here, however, any feedback on cover preferences would be most welcome: Please let me know in the comments section which you prefer:

Thoughts, suggestions or anything else is welcomed. Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Drifting…into cover designs

  1. No not B it won’t show up enough if you are going to sell on kindle. Also the lettering is too small. Maybe C or D as a kindle cover. Getting your cover right is soo to portent.


    • Thanks for the feedback. I do agree with you, though I think the image is the pull here. The aesthetics outweigh the practical on this one I think. We’ll see. Thanks for your comment.


      • Interesting to see the finished cover. Always so exciting. So many people say it’s so important to get the cover right.


      • It is a hard thing to get right, be it target audience, circumstance or logic. Though it’s all relative I suppose. I change my mind a lot, but once a project is done I usually leave it and move on to something else. Thanks for the kind advice though, I imagine you speak from experience.

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      • Yes some experience and lots of research on marketing and promotion, which is a damn sight harder than writing. I thought I had finished when the book was in print…but no….and if you haven’t started start before publication …that was my biggest mistake. Still it’s all a big glorious learning curve.. good luck with your project. 😊


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