An infamous eponymous way of life, what will they remember?
Long after the ash has turned into nothing, sucked up into the atmosphere.
Breathed in by the moon.
We all return.
Will you find me, hidden under sleeping giants in the road or in the monsters belly?
Walking in a dream or cold in the bath.
How will you look when you feel I’m gone?
The pulse abandoned as your own quickens.
If you wished to join me, I’m sure there’s a plus one. Room for another.
But no, play on, plough through. I’ll readjust the spotlight.
What will become.
New arms to hold and new days to endure.
Or will we both disappear into that wormy ground of premature-ness and void.
Kiss me and let it all fall away.
Kiss me, I always felt safe with you in all this pain.
Rooted to the nothingness and all.
Back to where we belong.


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