Neon love continuum

Ripping open my heart, blowing smoke through my veins.
Seeing if I breathe still, seeing what I can stand.
Twisting and turning this love deeper within.
Planting lazy chestnut seeds of hope. Binary codes of love.
You rain on me when I’m tired, your snow falls when I am cold.
Gold and silver, platinum catches my diamond dreams.
Sew up my mouth, and crack my skull like and egg.
No different types of love, just future fabrications in-sync.
Beset my thoughts with scenes of this future. The plague of tomorrow.
A better day, a better version of myself.
Fluctuating into your haphazard blur.
Shifting time and bending my will to your love.
Boiliing down the isotopes until we breathe the same neon air.
Sharing the space.
Scanning my memoires for nothing but you.


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