Sinking ship

Do you ever feel like a sinking ship?
Lost in the fog. Alone in the sea.
I’m never going to quench your fire, so set me alight in my drowning.
Our signal is getting weaker. Crushed by ice and the ice age of uncertainty.
To live each day as it came, to swim to shore and roll with you in the sand of life.
Yet now the lifeboats are a hazy blur. I know you’ve set your heart aboard them.
My creaking and cracking splinters the marrow.
I crash into the asphyxiation of doubt.
Immersed in nothing now and the everything of you.
Watching my rope slither into water.
I am a sinking ship, with nothing left but a white flag.
Fluttering above my submerging heart.


7 thoughts on “Sinking ship

  1. I have known the feeling and it’s not a pleasant one. I’m grateful for your gift, for the way you can express your feelings. It is very creative and thought provoking. It takes me back to those painful moments, but I find they’re not as much so as they once were.


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