Wicker man

What remains?
Human or emotional?
Like ghosts, they’re all surrounding me; sitting on my shoulder.
Pouring water and words into my head.
Sitting back and watching the sky bleed.
It’s a shame you grow up. A pity you learn to forget me.
This voice, so quiet and inaccurate, picking at my bones.
Causing havoc and happiness.
All happenstance?
Resurrecting the druids within me. Sweet pagan thoughts.
You swing on the gate to my heart, walking muddy shoes across my soul.
Planting monkey trees and memories in my mind.
Puzzling in this post-imaginative plantation.
Travelling with you, hand in hand to the cliff edge.
The red sky opens up as you whisper you miss me.
Ghost in my hand, spirits in my soul again.
Swallowing the sun forever.
Holding the torch up for you again, threatening to burn eternally.
My incomplete heart.
My Incandescent wicker man.


12 thoughts on “Wicker man

  1. Monkey Trees 🙂 loved it and made me want to listen to “Burn the witch”. Inspiration? Seems layered with inspiration…that’s a good thing. Keep it up!


    • I Love the video to that. The piece actually started off differently to how it ended, shifting half way through. I liked the phrase ‘the sky is bleeding’, and wanted to use it. I saw a programme where they were building a real wicker man and liked the imagery. Everyone borrows after all. Hehe. Was unsure with the poem, so glad it’s gone down well. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That looks like a blast! They even have fireworks at the end. Are you going to go to one? I would…if I lived close to Scotland. I’m glad the Scots turn something so dark into something entertaining. Maybe they should have took Trump there and have him go up…no I shouldn’t think of such evil.


      • I’m sure they could lure him easily with an effigy of himself. Large and oversized to command the landscape. No I won’t be going, I’ve actually never been to a festival, don’t think they’re for me. Looks fun though.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha,indeed. Outdoor gigs but no festivals. Well there was an Oxford one once with radiohead and supergrass playing and some other bands. Guess that counts. Hehe

        Liked by 1 person

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