Recovering the riches

Sold my bones for gold, to buy you back from death.
To resurrect our love. The Lazarus that is dormant in us.
This Faustian pact will lead to regret years from now.
But I had to.
Breathing life into our love, feeling for the pulse. Gluing the pieces back together.
I drain my blood and fill my skin with sand.
So you no longer haemorrhage anymore.
You’re a wash with hate and the after-birth of our arguing.
Cast out this demon, the one that had rooted within me.
Between us.
Forever tapping at your brain.
I’ll hew the rocks from the mountain, moving it aside while you drift into recovery.
Laying you on the sea of flowers I’ve plucked from every stem in the world.
Resurrecting your devotion.
Mouth to mouth.
Licking the emotions that drip onto your skin.
Covering you in diamonds and saccharin.
The artificial sweetener till you seep out the sugar once more.
My doubts and anger are hanging now for the crows, crucified in the Gomorrah of my heart.
All that’s left is hope, the perpetual motion machine with me.
Emeralding your spirit, polishing your precious golden soul.


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