Professional forgetter

Wiped clean, like a smear on a window.
The fuzzy snow descended, hastening a lie.
Trying to forget me.
A twist and turn of those events, chalked up now in time.
Lay me down.
Wipe me out.
Hurrying the thoughts of the forgetful, the anger of the deceitful.
What deception is there? What transparency was muddied?
You stick your dirty finger into the crystal stream of us and shake.
Shaking it like a teacher to a child.
Colour inside. Stay out of the rain.
That wasn’t what I mean.
You stick to the treacled words and fly paper underneath.
Swatting the truths that appear like clouds.
Whispering such revelation.
Threatening to collapse it all undone.
Erase this now, box up those moments we shared.
The heart you held within those dirty hands.
Forget the unforgettable.


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