Zephyr through my soul

Eyes stutter as bones collapse. Black ink escapes me.
I sky dive in colours, shaking these sins off my back.
Feeling the warmth from within, as the light enters my skull.
Dropping down into the ocean, where I swim to the iridescent floor.
Swallowing topaz and truths, shining in the deep.
The world tips over and I take root, strands around me taking me up to the light.
Shooting comets across my eyes.
Trying to remember where it began.
Climbing higher this tree of life, offering my hand to you, to meet me on its branches.
Like the sweet smell of the rain, I sense your nearness.
Wrapped in the roots that bind us and strengthen our resolve.
The incense of the Garden of Eden drowns you, calling us higher.
Smouldering in my soul.
Shaking off the earthen soil of the selfish.
The tangle that bound me before, I cut away with Isaac’s blade.
Sharp and ready, made from glass.
Cutting the vines that grew so ferociously within me.
Rooting my soul here with you once more.
Lifting me to freedom.


32 thoughts on “Zephyr through my soul

      • I love “The Fall” too! Yes a big resemblance with the fountain. Did you like “Interstellar” ? I did. Some, I’ve heard didn’t like the ending. I’ve only seen it once and don’t remember the sound of the score. But I’ll listen to it this morning while working on a lovely excel spreadsheet for work. Have you heard about the Netflix show “Stranger Things”? That has a awesome score (very 80’s) and the show was amazing! Well of to work. Thanks for the YouTube link to get my morning rolling. Maybe hear from you later?


      • I’m clearly failing to say there’s anything new under the sun. Will find something you’ve perhaps not seen yet. Yeah i liked ‘Interstellar’. I think you have to comit to it though. Eurgh Excel, the sponge of the imagination. good luck ith it..and enjoy the tunes. Have replied to our colab..will try to do the other later. have a great day

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      • I’m pretty sure you have tons of things: films, music, art, ect that you have see that I have not. Most of the writers you listed I don’t know. Need to look them up sometime soon.
        Yes, I hate excel with a passion! Ok, sounds good. You have a wonderful day too!


    • Hope you liked it. It’s my idea of the allegory of the Binding of Isaac. After Abraham does not sacrifice him, the blade used/not used is then taken by Isaac. For more practical uses maybe.

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      • it not only made sense but i felt a struggle within the words and between the lines, like truth was being squeezed out of a thin paper cup. could i use the word isaac’s blade? first time i have read about it and you explaining it to me…it holds a special meaning now.


      • thanks! the link is useful. your words speak and i just bounce back to you the depth it sits within my understanding. theres always a reference to old catechism lessons in your prose that takes me back to my childhood and lessons being taught in musty classrooms. very melancholic words at times.


      • Ah yes, I tend to be drawn back to religious allegory in some shape or form. I do study Kabbalah so it usually influences my work. Apologies for the muster, will try to open the windows and ascend to higher altitudes. It doesn’t do to swell in the melancholy, will try to lift the spirits.

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