Succumb to hurricanes

This theatre closed late one summer night, pulling the curtains that were a patchwork of stars.
You bowed your last, shuddering out of a promise you couldn’t keep.
As these dreams collapsed.
Pulling me through time and smacking reality in my face.
Now 2am.
Slinking into sleep and flickering into a new stasis.
Part truth, part fiction.
The wrong side of poetic. Wiping the walls with the blackness that remains.
Cemented in orange courage, dabbing away the corrosives with tiny cotton wool stones.
Erasing the dates that were circled in red.
Sucking on pennies for protein. Letting it all unfold.
Carrying me away.
Satin lined sorrow and the disinterest of my thoughts.
Closing the windows of earth once more.
Words that bind.
Falling from altitudes to nothing but blue.
Undercurrents of debris and smashed reasons.
Trapped in cage with the door wide open.
That bird in me is never going to fly to the top of the world.
Collapsed into the fading smile of your yesterday.
Succumbed to those shadows


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