Where is that holding hand, as I slip through the sand of regret?
Being merely human falls flat at your well-trodden feet.
The ones that walked on my back time and time again.
Do you care if my soul survives this?
Scratching away the scars to save yourself.
These sad tears of remorse carve a path down my broken bones.
Crashed through the barrier as I pushed my foot to the floor.
You flew away to save yourself. You left me there dying.
I gave my all and fell short.
Closing my eyes to the judgement that I cannot live up to.
So easy to throw the page away.
To burn the books.
So tired of being only human.


4 thoughts on “Human

  1. Sorry I have to.
    Not Only Human

    “Morning is almost here – let it wait
    I just want to lie here awhile, tempting fate
    I don’t think I could breathe now with you gone
    But it’s not weakness it’s just something I’ve begun

    Maybe there’s a light that’s always on
    Maybe we’re not only human
    Maybe there’s a light that’s always on
    And we’re not only human

    When you’re sleeping your ceramic
    You’re surrounded by little stars
    Every shimmer is a searchlight
    Every planet is ours
    Change the street change the decade
    Still the longing’s left inside
    But why am I too small to carry you?
    Why does twilight make me cry?

    When all the weight is gone
    When all is said and done
    We’re not only human

    Life is something set to music
    I can hear it when I’m sad
    There’s a chord in every muscle
    Every kiss you ever had
    There’s a power when you’re near me
    In our heads or in our bones
    I know nothing but I’m guessing
    When we die we’re not alone”

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