Precious pyrite

Feeling it buzzing, throbbing under my teeth.
Down the roots like a power line.
48 hours and it lingers on.
Blown through this life that grips the earth with white knuckles.
Caught between states and train tracks.
Finding the marrow within.
This future state promises such gold.
Smashed down from the gods to rain upon me.
Yet I wash away with it all.
Diluted to a comment on the edge of a tongue.
The thought of the after.
Struck out in fools the gold once thought so precious.
Struggling to shine.


7 thoughts on “Precious pyrite

  1. I just got a book on crystal posterity. It described pyrite as ‘stone that strikes fire’ and ignites your own creative spark. Also taps into your potential and boost your self-confidence. I was always as a kid to now. Love this poem! Keep making these stone poems…you’re so good at it🌛


    • Ah thank you, yes the stones do seem to be calling these days. I think it’s because there’s something eternal about them. The book sounds interesting, i didn’t know it was called that. I think there’s too much water in my personality, perhaps seeking bedrock…and not just where the flintstones live

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