Weather in your storm

The battle cry down the line.
Marching towards another front.
The sweeping gales of isolation. Threaten such havoc.
Why do you fight for no reward?
Sending lightning bolts through my battle scars.
The ones that prove I’m a warrior.
My emotions hunted close to extinction.
Tapping Darwin on my veins.
The tattoo that reads ‘Forever your Wallace’.
You naturally select the sharpest blade,
and cut me so deep I see the stars in your storm.
Do I hunker down, disconnect the phone line and lock up the animals?
Retreat and retract. These statements of intent.
The reason in your anger.
The weather in your storm.
As I pour the red over my skin. Drowning in war paint.


23 thoughts on “Weather in your storm

    • Why thank you, was perhaps some old styling there. I’m hoping to get some reviews for Drifting still…nudge nudge wink wink:) I’m glad you liked it though, i am proud of that one. Any more thoughts on your own collection of work?


      • I did read your book over a month ago and I’m still going to read it a second time. I would read it a couple times with big gaps in between. But from what I remember the beginning of the book I was caught by a hook. Wondering what this man was doing in this secluded house and trying to figure what he was suffering from. Then these animals appear the bear and the bird and I was like is this a fantasy story? Then I realized maybe they are parts of his personality. The bear angry and what’s to be locked up in the house to hibernate. Jacob the bird is the more flighty (obviously) and motivates the character to go drift out from this secluded house. And obviously from the phone call he has gone through a bad breakup. And I did expect he was going through psychosis from the description on Amazon.
        The character’s beautiful love and hate language is towards this one person and God but sometimes I got confused on which one. Maybe they were the same? For the poetry is saturated in idealization and devaluation of these persons. And sometimes these attitudes appeared codependent. The church I suppose is were he is seeking to be healed or tear down old paradigms to truly find God. Maybe there is some Kabbalah revelations happening that I was a confused about. I felt like this was your own Rimbaud’s “A Season in Hell” journey.
        It comes out strong with what seems love and forgiveness. But now since I know more about you and your style I bet my second read will be more clearer and I’ll discovered more. All great works must be reviewed several times.


      • Ah thank you, I’m so happy you enjoyed slogging through. I like the merger between short stories and poetry…I like how ones bleed into the other. A lot of poetry is very rigid in how it’s presented, despite the content being very loose. In my ignorance i’ve not heard of Rimbaud’s ‘A season in Hell’, but a quick look leads me to believe you’re right. I few allegory crossovers, most of my stuff lends itself to religion but I would hope it comes across as slightly an ambiguous message. I hope the second pass is less puzzle piecing. I fear my next one will be a tad redundant as it will probably be based on work featured on the site, maybe I should think of a fun context to put them in. I wish the Amazon reviews were like this, it’s nice to read objectified feedback thank you. Now….for your book!?! (nudge)

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  1. Yes I found sweet ambiguity in the book. That’s why I must keep reading it. I think meanings in work can also change overtime. The more it breathes. At least in visual art it seems for me and my writings.
    Should I copy and post the review on Amazon? I would gladly do so.
    I would love to see all your writings on your blog in a collection. I think repeating is always not so bad. Clear view of it all, perhaps?
    My book? Haha…I don’t know about that…or if I have a coherent amount. Do you mean Europa or my other poems?


    • As long as there’s people out there reading, i’m happy to oblique. And thank you, a amazon dodandy would be great 🙂
      And yes…your work. In some form of book containment. I do think Europa could be a good way to go. Though a coffee table art book of your work is what the world wants i jeer!

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      • Of course I’ll place a review of your book. I’ll have them running towards your work…at least I hope. Keep your eyes open for it.

        I think I’m too far from doing that yet. I don’t even know where to begin. Someone at work that writes comics said you can have your work printed off into a book. Some online site. I don’t remember the name. Sounds fun and scary.


      • Ah ha, yes. I’ve done that…is so fun! Though i got the unedited files done by mistake…so errors a plenty. I imagine you keep your work in some sort of system…maybe put them together in a compendium? And thank you, the review would be wonderful!


      • Lol, that’s funny…the unedited edition. Yeah, I’m going to have to make extra copies of everything I published here. Written and typed up. I don’t trust computers fully. I’m always afraid that I’ll lose it all…even on this site.
        I’ll have to try to sort them out.
        Yeah, I’ll edit a bit of what I said to you. I’ll have that and my 2nd part of the email I still have to do.
        List list list. 🙂 I hope the comics are keeping you awake!


      • Something to think about, always good new ways of getting your work out there.
        Ah the lists…so nice to tick off! Ha, no i don’t read the comics…just handle them


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