Hurried home

This galaxy that divides us, keeping me from you.
Like a tooth wrapped in twigs, eager to seize you once more.
Distance and time stopping my heart like lidocaine.
Pulsating in a static fury.
Tragedy beyond my grasp.
So I travel, I move towards you.
Travelling such light years and eye blinks.
Coming home to you.
Burning the bridge behind so I need never dwell beneath.
Banishing the trolls from my skin.
Wiping away magic that bound me there.
I see you standing, silhouetted against my soul.
Arms and heart open. Promising such comfort.
Ready to envelop me into your world.
I cast no shadow in your light, for we are one.
Keeping me safe in the house of marble, with pillars of time.
I feel your skin and pluck the bones from your heart.
Building me a home like a nesting bird.
Erasing the pain and migratory thoughts.
Staying with you till the end of time.


9 thoughts on “Hurried home

  1. I feel your skin and pluck the bones from your heart.
    Building me a home like a nesting bird.
    my favorite lines but the entire thing great Mark


      • They are the easy ones. Almost the fuel to our poetry. And it seems like I have a never ending supply house.
        Those fiery ones (angry & sad) of yours got me hooked on your poetry when I first started reading your blog. I still do love them.
        You’re angry like Plath and maybe sad and disvalue emotions in your poems are like T.S. Eliot. I’m still searching for a better example of the style of sadness. Maybe there isn’t one and you have your own sad style?
        What do your close friends say about your style?
        However, these joyful and glorified ones come from a different light spectrum. Saturated in gratitude for their presence. A bit like Pablo Neruda and Rainer Rilke love poems.
        You’re amazing poet in my eyes. 👀


  2. Ah thank you, i’m one of those people who find it hard to digest compliments; think it’s the Englishmen in me. But thank you, that means a lot. I’m just happy there are eyes on my my work. And like minded and talented ones too! I don’t really discuss with my friends too much, we each have our own style and mine would be more emotional and poetic i would say. One of my friends is: and his work is brilliant, and a lot more detailed.
    Emotions are great to get out in words though, frees up space inside for light!


  3. John Oliver is always talking about how the English are reserved with their emotions.
    I can be that way too with compliments. Feel like I don’t deserve them or want to know more on why something can be beautiful…ect.
    Yeah I really don’t let many people know about my writing. It’s easier for strangers and yes like minded to share with.

    Cool, I shall check him out. Anything you recommend I would believe would be brilliant. 🙂

    I agree! Gotta to get those heavy energies out…to lighten up. Haha!


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