Tears in time

The earth quivers and the sky falls like tears.
Every time you cry.
Like a rip in the fabric of life.
A scar on time.
When you break.
My inner messiah bleeds.
Red like your anger. Frozen like your defeat.
Held in my arms like dust.
Blowing in the hurricane.
Your pieces land on my heart.
Cutting me deeper.
Collapsing to the floor like broken bones.
When you cry.
The hairline break takes hold.
Breaking your wings.


11 thoughts on “Tears in time

  1. Beautiful! Love the rip of fabric and the intertwine of the hurricane and heartache. Love the image too…reminds me of a tornado and is strange because a huge tornado is touching down in Indianapolis right now. They are beautiful but they scare the hell out of me. Mice and tornadoes are my main phobias.


      • We were south of Indy. Just a bit of thunder, lighting and brief shower. Northern Indy, Kokomo got hit bad with maybe a F3 tornado. England doesn’t have tornadoes?
        The movie is annoying. But my favor movie Wizard of Oz has a twister in it.
        Yes, I liked it very much. Is my sadness rubbing off?


      • Wow, sounds bad for them..F3’s are pretty fierce. No, we don’t get them here. Just all four season weather in one day. We don’t really get wild weather. Glad you guys were spared/safe…and thunder and lightening is always fun to watch. Gotta love the Oz, though i could never understand why she wanted to get back home to that boring sepia aunt of hers. Now i have the wicked witch theme stuck in my head!

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      • Does it snow there? I want to live on your island! It would help avoided my nervousness with twisters. I live right in tornado valley. Saw one when I was six after being woke up from a nap and was told we were going to the basement. It left a bad imprint on my mind. When I was a teen, and it was storming bad, I would prepare and pack all the things I didn’t want to lose.
        Lol! Yes, I’ve never thought of that….why did want to go back to the brown world to her somewhat mean auntie?
        Sorry, now I have “ding dong the witch is dead in my head”
        Need to turn of the jambox.
        Can you listen to music at work?


      • That sounds terrifying! Not surprised it left an imprint. And the warnings are so slow i imagine. Finger of god indeed! Yep, it can snow pretty badly, though global heating seems to be ending that. I was actually born in a blizzard, i love the snow. I much prefer cold climates to hot. It’s raining here today, after mini heatwave yesterday. I start a new job next week, but no tunes to help the day through. Just the music in my head..al la Lisa simpson!
        ..Which old Witch?


      • I like the snow for the looks and icy branches. There was a blizzard in 1982 there? Cool! Means you’re fierce but pure. (At least that is what I think) Autumn is truly my favorite….paradise weather.
        I would hate work without music.
        Oh, are you excited? What will you be doing?
        The wicked witch from the west.


      • Yes, autumn is lovely…and waving at us around the corner. I was walking in Oxford the other day and noticed all the dried fallen leaves on the cobbles and thought the same.
        It’s working in a publishers, global policy. Yawn, but pays well. hehe. Hopefully they’ll have some tunes…or it’s ipod-a-go-go!

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      • I’m happy it pays well. It sucks though that we must do boring for descent money. Just keep it and look forward to going to school…so you can be called Doctor Mark Ryan. 😉 yes, iPod with some comfortable ear buds.


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