This room aches, the phone pulses.
Brighter than heaven in my eyes.
Sounds from memories claw in my head.
You came to me, twisted like a question mark.
Lay me down. Drag me out.
Scorch my soul and heart.
Your open hands look like doorways to another realm.
The power to smother and choke.
Offering such positions and excuses.
Wringing out my patience and love.
Tin cans flying above your eyelids.
Tap me online. Central station where you found them.
What did you need?
Cheap lipstick and coffee kisses. Tied to a tree.
Blank cds spinning on a turntable.
The world aches. This film runs on. Flash. Snap.
Like rocks in your pocket. Lies on your lips.
Freeway lights deep within the lake.
Those kisses have been marked (what you should have done)
Grass on your knees. Dancing devils on your shoulder.
I need this now. I forget this all.


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