Soft words like snow in my ear.
Slither into my soul.
Fill me up like honey.
Hold me like a precious treasure.
Keep me safe.
Scrub away those unloves.
The scabs of hurt that taste so bitter.
Count my eyelashes in time to my heartbeat.
Wait for it to skip.
Count me down.
Preserved now forever in your tarred soul.
Stuck like chewing gum to the underside of your heart.


6 thoughts on “Sticky

    • I can see the black and white film side of it. I did write it like separate vignettes . Hope it didn’t put you off bubblegum. And thank you, always have kind things to say!

      Liked by 1 person

      • No worries, I seldom chew gum as it makes my jaws hurt. But I liked the vignettes then as you called them, micro poems within a whole big one. My pleasure to read your lines as it always gives me something to chew on !! Ha Ha!


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