The boy in the well

It was cold inside, at the bottom of the well.
He’d banged his head on the side as he’d fell.
Deep into the hole like a monsters throat.
Yet it was Andy who felt like he had just choked.
He’d winded himself in the terrible fall.
Smacked the hard damp bottom like an egg to a wall.
He looked to the surface, where he could see the moon.
Its silvery sparkle, failed to lift any gloom.
And so Andy cried, and he sobbed and wailed.
As he looked above him, at a sight he couldn’t scale.
So poor Andy died, alone in that well.
But it wasn’t just because, down it he’d fell.
For Andy was pushed down into that void.
By his mean older brother, that devil called Lloyd.
Who was jealous of Andy, and his passion for life.
Took a chance to snuff it out, like a throat on a knife.
But it wasn’t the fall, the pain or the dark.
It was the fact no-one came looking, that really broke Andy’s heart.


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