Tragic necessity

Unstitch the fabric and pull at the thread.
Dismantled then reassemble my love like a puzzle.
Cut the corners, and round the edges.
Make them fit.
I feel it licking at my chest from the insides.
Coursing through me like a river of lava.
Deep boulders of love shift within.
Where there was once just water and fire.
Now sings and eternal stream of desire.
We shake off these brown leaves of entanglements.
Lift those gravitied heads towards the swollen sky and puff out that chest.
The one that beats with a billion heartbeats.
We strip away the coupling and unity of two souls bound together.
Yet we then drift like ghosts, transparent and vacant like an empty space;
waiting to be filled.
Decorated with art and passion.
A wash with the colour of intimacy and rouge.
We are all boned striped rooms, inviting others to come in and rearranged.
To hang those crooked pictures.
Sift through our drawers.
Silently succumbed to the tragic necessity of you.
Of love.


14 thoughts on “Tragic necessity

      • When I was a little girl, my parents took us to Holland Michigan, and I watched them make candles there. They twisted them like candy canes. Really looked like candy. 😋


      • Haha, he sounds like a deserter. I’ve never been..but i hear the art galleries there are amazing. My friends that have been have all liked it. But think they went with the ‘party hats’ on. Imagine nicer places to go, and other areas of the Netherlands.


      • He said he likes visiting but wouldn’t want to live there…mainly because the tourists. And talking smack about the Brits needing to keep their shit there. And he was not to fond of the Germans set up ownership in their country.
        Joke: they dig holes in their beaches and stay for the whole day. Haha
        He’s from Utrecht.
        I would still go…especially for the galleries!


      • Yeah tourists can sometimes do that to a place. Oxford changes over the summer when the tourists invade. He does sound a little anger about it all though. hehe.
        Maybe we should go for an art rendezvous! 🙂

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