That first emotion that we both betrayed.
Tasting dangling carrots.
Asking for god to let us both in.
Kick this cart and tear the hide.
Let me see you swimming in the night.
In the dark, all cats look grey; and you take me there.
Push me under, watch me sway.
This magnitude, did you invoke or ask for?
Shake my resolve once more to this core.
Dipping me quick, with a turpentine kiss.
Lighting you match, and set my soul on fire.
You know where it burns.
Sizzling in my oceanic heart. Like sulphur from the breath of Lucifer.
Yet you roll me over. Again and again.
Till my teeth ache and drop to the floor.
And my mind blisters.
And the lust festers.
And the earth did open and swallow me whole.


5 thoughts on “Scorch

  1. I don’t why but the part about all cats look grey at night reminded me of shadow men. What people see when they are suffering with sleep paralysis. Maybe bc I just watched that documentary called “The Nightmare” about paralysis


      • It was disturbing. One guy developed it just by his girlfriend talking about it. Weird. And what sucks medically they can’t do much for it. Said it was related to stress. But this guy out all of his stress and was still having it happen.
        I definitely think it is on a spiritual level.


      • That does sound especially harrowing, things coming upon you suddenly. There’s a notion in kabbalah where we all have our own ‘tikkun’, left over from previous incarnations. Unless it’s resolved it carries over with us…our task is to transform ourselves. So yeah, i would agree…think it’s spiritual.


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