Beautifully damaged

Don’t look back, breathe.
Keep your head above the water.
Isolate these moments of joy.
Encase them in glass forever and hang them for the world to see.
You and me.
Beautifully damage.
Teetering on the inevitable as we dance around the possible.
Your hand in mine, your bones locked into a heartbeat.
The tick, after tock of this borrowed time.
If the world ached and sighed, changing in a blink of an eye.
If a plane were to fall on us, from that jet black sky.
Would we exhale into regrets, or smile at all that had been?
Take this hand again, and follow me into the unknown.
Head held high like your mother taught you.
Eyes as beautiful as the day you were born.
Damaged and delighted at


17 thoughts on “Beautifully damaged

      • Still working on it! A record of daily progressing results. Nothing is as it seems to be but! What it is? The reality of the power of love from on high? WOW! 🙂


      • Thanks for the encouraging. Father is good. He is leading me all the way. Talking about sweeter in the end? That’s what The Harvest in my Soul is all about.
        Amazing is the way Father has been leading me but! It is only until He opened my eyes & ears to see & hear & obey Him at all times that His work in my soul became a reality –a Harvest in my Soul.
        Everything is recorded. All I am doing is compiling as He leads me to do so, I must wait on Him to show me what to add in the compiling.
        So? I wait. I work. Learning new skills. Writing & publishing as He leads & empowers me to do but!
        I get momentarily impatient at times. Immediately comes the encouraging in a comment or email et all. Isn’t that neat? Thanks again. Keep in touch. 🙂

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