These poisonous measures that bring such illuminating visions.
The kind of thoughts you expect around decay.
Or any other day.
It’s like the fox who gnaws his own foot to fill his stomach.
It’s the bird that flew home for winter, missing the snow.
Albeit well placed. Camouflaged by desperation.
And that deep desire to be happy.


9 thoughts on “Instinct

      • Sometimes the comment just comes and there’s not letting it rest till it speaks itself. Good writing Mark, is it the post holiday season that has you so mellow? I am liking this side of you too.


      • Sometimes words have a perpetual motion of their own. I’m surprised but flattered it comes across as mellow, I’m actually very frustrated at the moment. But know everything for a reason…. Maybe that side is taking control. Which is good and saves the hysterics.. Will see what I can offer the world next.. Thank you for your tales also… They always make me smile..

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      • Words come and save us when we least expect it and I find solace in writing like yours, raw and real, mine are too sugar coated and light as the wings of a moth and would never help me get through some of the tough days. Whichever side it is that takes control I think there’s a lot of Lunar influence, well on me at least. you in hysterics? I doubt, you have too much control. Maybe its just a time of the year, a restlessness we all can’t run away from and deny. If you want to talk, I am here, drop me an email ( away from the crowded space if you like, kindred spirits sometimes need a little help along the way. Meanwhile I wait your next offering. You like my tales, why thank you, I am honored.


      • That’s very thoughtful, thank you. I think there’s a place for all kinds of moments and feelings strung up in words. Yours, to me, is a sugary escape like the willy wonka boat ride; who knows what awaits around the bend. I agree about the lunar influences too, though I hate being at the mercy of such tidal trappings. And I also sit patiently and eager, awaiting your next finger tapped words. Thank you!

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      • as I wait your labyrinth of words and down a tunnel that I must see whats at the end. Writing helps keep the demons quiet. Ok let’s see what gets tapped out later tonight, right now reality calls and that thing called work. Have a good day Mark in your little corner of the world.


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