Freedom is a privilege

Did you remember, or were you hoping to forget?
Underneath this skin, brown and course like the worked route.
That strange fruit.
Was red and wet.
What were you hoping for, a different kind of history?
One without me. Without such pity.
Look back in disgust if you must.
But these strong roots have grown from that toil.
Of being in place that we should never have been.
Never being seen.
If we spin the past and tip it over.
Reverse the world and replace colour with white.
How would you have felt with the blood on your shoulders?
And not on your hands, as you sleep at night.
Under this skin, of white and of brown.
In the bones that register no preference for colour.
That break on impact, and hearts that hurt all the same.
And as this world grows again much darker, and fear and hate find new friends.
Extend your hands, and reach for any colour palm.
And fight once again for freedom.


8 thoughts on “Freedom is a privilege

  1. Coincidental but I have been in some conversation about the colour of skin and station in life. You showed the indifference of the human heart when they are on the other side of the fence. What if the tables were turned on them? Even after all these years people are judged by the colour of their skin. Sorry for going on a bit.


    • Never apologies. I agree, and it’s such a useless en-devour to reduce anything down to one base fact. Intolerance and fear breed more of the same. Hopefully generations will evolve out of it, but things need to change now to set the example. Underneath, we are all still wet after all.

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      • Race card gets played her more often than people think, we may seem to be living in harmony but the undercurrent is there, subtle, yet seething with long pent up hatred and bent ideologies. Yeah we live a global world these days and hope that the mixing of cultures from free travel will create a generation that respects each other. But we will be a species that like to move in flocks and until that can be overcome this is who we are always going to be. Judged by skin, looks and hair, not the very marrow of your bone. Which we all have the same. Your little piece says so much!


      • Thank you, always want to get people thinking, and our responsibility as writer, is to wake people up as well as entertain. Glad you’re in my tribe…so to speak 🙂

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