What did they tell you about this future?
While your TV played on and you half listened.
This heart you mangled and molded.
These flowers died a long time ago.
Who is to blame?
Distance. Family.
Your fake departure, when your heart wasn’t in it.
I made this too easy for you.
Red letter days and disappointments. Plastic friends.
Those that melt in the heat while the kitchen burns.
Who dries your eyes now?
Lazarus lies, housewives. Shopping that ego.
Choking on the need to be right.
All those lies have now been tagged.
Selfish. Self-aware. Convenient amnesia.
All built on your version of events.
Under rug sweeping, these broken pieces of a person you once knew.
Only you.
As you blur once more into everyone else.


11 thoughts on “Argue

  1. and sometimes they use your very own words against you in an argument that you wonder how did it ever even start and did I say that. It’s cunning the way a person can be when they want to get out of something they no longer like / want. this piece spoke more than what the lines said.


    • Indeed they can, though i’m guilty as the next for prolonging a confrontation. I see the sport in it sometimes. But yes, i fear too many can relate to this. Glad it resonated with you though, in some way .

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sport?Interesting choice of exercise. Think I knew someone like this some time ago and just crossed him off my Christmas list. So yes it resonated deeply.


      • Defending ourselves or a subject we are passionate about can get us to exercise our vocals and thoughts, true but no I am not judging, I can only do that after we have had a sparring match. And only if you didn’t play fair. Seriously I like the exchange of words in a “discussion”, but should never be with malice, that earns permanent delete.


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