In the dying light, and turning time.
When all around had slept.
She covered herself in turpentine.
And out the door she crept.
She made her way to the darkened wood.
Shivering in the snow.
And found the den, which outside she stood.
Waiting for the wolf to go.
Out to hunt and catch its prey.
To rip apart another creature.
And when saw the fur of grey.
She planned to add it another feature.
To its snarling mouth and matted fur.
Her knife she slid out from her pocket.
She pounced and ran in a hasty blur.
And plunged the blade into its socket.
The wolf snarled and snapped and howled in pain.
Pouring blood onto the woodland floor.
Yet struggle and fight were all in vein.
For to kill the beast earlier she had swore.
To do it that day, upon finding her child.
Taken last night while she slept.
The poor infant so small and ever so mild.
Eaten they’d said, so she’d wept.
And then formulated a plan, to go kill the beast.
While the others did little or fight.
And now it was done and the wolf was deceased.
She prayed to god and set herself alight.



12 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. i was wondering about the turpentine from the first line and had to read on so patiently to see where it was going to be used. And then like WOW! It was a good way to disguise her scent from the wolf.


      • Some words can just do that. Stand strong alone and carry the story. Good choice of word. I need to expand my vocabulary too. Powerful story of fierce motherly love.


      • Lagoon is one of my favourite words, i don’t use that nearly enough (and everyday usage is, understandable, nil). But i agree, especially with poetry a strong word can carry the piece. Thanks for the liking.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well if you lived where I am now you could use that word everyday, seriously. It’s a huge water theme park just on my way out, and it has your favourite word in it, you could say I am going past it each time you drove out!! the place is called Sunway Lagoon. When my niece was younger she struggled with this name and she used to say it “Sunny Gallon”!! and we that’s what we refer to it till today.


      • Love it! Quite tricky for tiny people to get some words out…and such funny results sometimes. My niece can’t say beauty, and instead refers to things as booty, which although is amusing; might need rectifying before long. I’m glad you still call it that now. Such tropical encasements you have.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes little people and their words just crack me up. I used to think it was because we all speak more than one language in a day and the kids got the words confused. But agreed some words should be rectified, “booty” not so sweet when she’s older, then it’s going to shock people!


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