Made for you

A compulsive yearning to breathe you in and out.
Devour me with your skin.
Hold me from within.
Your candied smile, and sacred heart.
A wonderful treasure of flesh and bone, given to me by God.
Protected by the angels above.
Who were once so cruel.
You fit me into heaven, with an open heart and palm.
I fall for you again and again, time over time as the universe bends.
Locked into your seraphim as we walk through the fire.
You never let me go, and I hold on tight.
An expression of the deepest truth that finds its way.
Making me pray, and thanking the world for you.
A secret power in our unity.
Stealing this destiny forever.


9 thoughts on “Made for you

  1. loved every line but one stands out – HOLD ME FROM WITHIN – beautiful when we can be seen for more than what’s on our skin. I think of the person I am sharing my life with right now and never imagined I could feel such intensity but it is possible with the right person, love how you manage to always capture a heart song that almost flitted away. I couldn’t put my own thoughts into words like this, you are really gifted Mark and happy you share your gift.


    • I agree, when you strip away things and love from the inside out; it changes the outlook of things. I’m sure you can write form the heart, i’ve seen it in some of your other posts. Let the light do the talking 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it, and the kindness.

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      • So true that we use what we see on the outside to form our feelings for someone and its never the real thing just our little playtime, the real them is under all that and we see it when they share themselves with us, but I am guilty of hiding myself more than I care to share, my form of self-preservation if things don’t work out at least I never exposed all of me and then I realise that it’s not right to do that, asking for honesty but being elusive myself. so this piece of yours really made me re-think my actions. Thank you for the kindness back to me! I was just thinking that you have actually read different sides of my writing and always been honest about the tone or direction. Appreciate that! Problem is i think i write best when i am sad or down, and I am feeling a little too happy right now so looks like its going to take some sadness to produce some heartfelt work. BTW – i couldn’t wait till the weekend to read about the twins again – so I read them at lunch today! They are still my favourite!


      • I think that is true with most writers, the tortured poet writes better than the happy go lucky one. I guess there’s more volcanic emotion in the sad or angry. But yes, i have seen a lot of sides in your work, and all synergise together with the author. Thank you for sharing them.Hehe, that’s okay, i hope you enjoyed their demise. I do feel i rushed some aspects of that story, but overall was a fun one. It can be hard to overshare, like you say. But when you invest in a safe and secure relationship, it is best. All parts, all the time.


      • tortured poet! – i like that expression, describes me when i get into the mood and i love the heaviness of the mood some days, not that i am sad with anything in particular, small events take a hold of my thoughts and i can’t shake them till i write them in a story or a few lines. relationships are never safe and secure! they are scary and unpredictable! that’s why i always have an escape route!! oh ya those twins, i loved your description of them, don’t think it was rushed but would have preferred more back story to Annabelle as she seemed to take centre stage towards the end and i wanted to know if she was more than what we were meant to see. know what i should be emaliing you separately on this and not jumble everything up. thank you for the kind advice and honest words, it’s nice to talk with candor with an intelligent and caring person.

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