She sits alone as the twilight encases everything.
The end of a night that offered little in the way of change.
She carries a sadness with her, down the escalator and into the train.
An unpicked flower that danced at the wall.
Bating those eyes with all the world to devour.
Those lines on her tights that follow a path to another solitary bed.
Sheets that will smell only of her, and a mind left free from interference.
Where does she travel to on these tracks?
With those unkissed lips.
Those eyes that contain a secret reason for her circumstance.
I watch her go, out the doors and into the cold tunnel to the surface.
Stalking in death strides to a land I never wish to return.


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. “The end of a night that offered little in the way of change” – i used to wonder why people said to sleep on it and things will be better in the morning? Made no sense to me. the problems were still there in the next circadian rhythm.
    “Those eyes that contain a secret reason for her circumstance.” – share something funny – when I read this on my mobile the sentence got cut in 2
    “Those eyes that contain a secret
    reason for her circumstance.”
    and I went WOW! then I came back to the desktop and it merged and I went OH!?
    preferred the mobile version somehow. Reason for her circumstance – the answer to all her madness. We have had rain for 2 solid days and the mind is in a constant state of flutter. Lovely day ahead to you.

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    • Ah the multiple device option, never factored that in. haha…like text i suppose, the meaning can shift. Yes, i never used tho think sleeping on things changed the problem…i guess it’s the hope that type will ebb away the pain. I’m glad you liked this one, i actually think this is one of my better attempts. Hope the rain is being inspiring. All fog and ice here, though i think the spring weather is beginning to encroach. Did you see the snow on the sahara though ?


      • I did like this one the most – could it be because you focused on an individual? I felt that I connected because you placed her in a familiar place doing something an ordinary person did but then you shifted the focus into the sacredness of the ordinary – the lines on her tights – that was really heart wrenching – I remember my mother drawing lines on her legs when she couldn’t afford stockings but it was regulation where she worked and I wanted to buy her a pair and save her from shame and despair but she was strong and braved it. And you sculpt the words with precision into lines that cut and shred. so you are right I did like this piece a lot. The rain has been on for the 3rd day now! And you tell me snow in the Sahara and i think is it all coming to that glorious end!! I had to go check it out – amazing! No I didn’t know it snow in the desert, thanks for telling me! The rain has been an amazing story spinner and I don’t want it to end but it will. Happy spring is showing up soon, there’s only so much of fog and ice you can take. Keep warm and stay healthy.

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      • Yeah, there is a sadness i find when you see people on the undergound. Never privy to their encounters, but you see their world for only a second on their faces. Thank you for the praise, it was a cut and wrench piece. Snow in the Sahara and a monkey in the white house. What’s next. Roll on spring…and the easter eggs 🙂 hope all is well with you.

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  2. yes we just ate some spring rolls and I always wondered why the Easter bunny brought eggs!? All’s well, too much festivities in a row I need some place to be alone. Best wishes to you too. Always.


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