The Gospel of no-one

Be careful of those who open their diamond hands.
Chewing opium smoked souls and offering hearts.
These will be those closest to you.
Forgive them, we know not what we do.
Swimming in the sin of a century.
Crawling once more on the back of time.
A miseducation of things once told.
Scratched on tablets, ground down like baby teeth.
But the skies won’t fall.
And though walls grow tall we strengthen our desire.
To avoid smashing galaxies and fragile pieces of others.
Every time you try to be what they expect, the honey sting;
the disdainful look of Lucifer drops all that is tired.
We become more inspired.
And make way for the inevitable bliss.
In Zion.


8 thoughts on “The Gospel of no-one

  1. “And though walls grow tall “- i like reading it over and over , like the chorus in a memorable song – its something not hard to imagine – walls divide and keep separate – gives us an illusion we are safe – from those who “chew on opium smoked souls” – always in awe of the words you spin.


    • Thank you, is nice when words come together fittingly..if not abstractly. Sometimes it feels like we’re preaching to the converted though…but always good for reminders along the way. Glad you liked it though 🙂

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      • Even the converted backslide and need the reminders – yes it was a good piece – though not preachy at all – more like thoughtfulness for someone’s soul – i would say that. still the image of that wall stands tall.

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