A dream in your world

Come stay with me, come down in time.
Let me hold you now.
Another minute to breathe.
Wrapped in the echoes of your sleep,
and the diamond reasons of eternity.
I spin a thread around us.
A salted circle of trust that the world won’t shake.
Or break.
Spun in gold and truthful titbits of reality.
As we bounce off the clouds of convention.
Barefoot on the dusty moon.
Don’t blink too soon.
Take me in and breathe me out.
Pull me over you like a sweater.
I will keep you warm when the world rains upon on us.
When the thunder rolls and you cover your eyes.
I won’t let them hold you down.
These are not times for freedom or carelessness.
And these are not treacled words that pool in your ears.
This is a truth cut from my heart, and squeezed out of necessity.
Thrown in the face of the fear of losing what we have.
A halo around your heart.
Something out of nothing,
My luggage of love, dropped on your doorstep.
Waiting to be unpacked.
Somewhere in California.


14 thoughts on “A dream in your world

  1. Very lovely! Love the imagery of being barefooted on the dusty moon and drawing with salt to form a trust bond. I always had a spouting idea of making salt drawings and photographing them.
    Also, especially love the ending “Somewhere in California”. It reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s music. ❤️


  2. there’s a sacredness with salt in Asian culture, and you use the word here to describe trust. does salt play an important role in western culture and tradition, as I am intrigued why you chose salt to represent trust. such a romantic piece, love the “don’t blink too son”. a plea to please look at me a little while longer kind of feel.


      • liked it for the loveliness of walking on anywhere with someone – a journey shared is a journey always remembered, Yes there seems to be fragments that connect cultures and beliefs across the world – if you returned home after dusk with a baby, you weren’t allowed in unless you sprinkled salt over you and the baby on the door step! Might prove we all came from the same place at one point in time and forgot during our journey away from each other but recalled just the important bits. Ah your poetry always gets me thinking.


      • Oh really. I wouldn’t be cleaning any ovens after getting inside the house.
        And exaclty…. All baring the same light in different lamps.
        That’s a nice thing to say, I’m happy it always gets you thinking.. Mission accomplished 😊

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      • oh! H&G! HaHa! I would never have guessed, maybe too early in the morning here or too random! Speaking of random – I have just read a book that does not have chapters yet the author was brilliant at segmenting the different parts of the story. The Restaurant of Love Regained by Ito Ogawa – I randomly picked it up at a book fair. Have you read a book with no chapters before? I can’t remember if i ever have.


      • Hmmm, not sure if i have. Maybe some experimental pieces or works. Sounds interesting. I’ve read some which have static vignettes, as opposed to actual chapters. And the diary ones which sort of do, sort of don’t. Sounds interesting though. Any good? An no worries, too early for dot connecting.

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      • it was an ok read, short book. but the weirdest part was the no chapters to segment her thoughts, it all flowed and made sense at the end and you just wondered where it was going and couldn’t put it away. like your poetry does! it had just enough characters not to be too confusing and each character was so distinctly described you could just remember them by name. thought it might interest you since we talked about characters in a story before. and I learnt lots about Japanese cooking and how each dish must touch the heart not only the taste buds.

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      • that may be a challenge – true – where you are – here we have many vegetarians so getting a vegetarian option is quite easy. errr…if you are vegetarian you might want to skip the book, there’s animal slaughter – not pretty.


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