Arboretum of the mind

Those words they buried.
The thorny ones with discontent.
Maligned manners from blackened hearts.
They rotted in my mind.
In that grey earthy soil.
Those tears they watered.
Digging down deep to the black pit of my soul.
Like potatoes which found the light.
Deep in the dark such acorns of defiance sprouted.
Filling my bones with vines and life.
So now I prune, and potter.
I bask in the shade of a cooling tree.
That borne within me.
My arboretum of solitude.
My tree of life with bark as tough as nails.
And leaves that never turn, despite the season.
Or the early winter you threaten.


9 thoughts on “Arboretum of the mind

  1. arboretum of solitude – hand picked quiet – defying even nature in its quest to be different. Even in the dark things grow. Like the sense of gloom here, as always that attracts me. But the arrangement of words this time seem really definite – like a new chapter is beginning and this is the prolougue.

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    • Yes, maybe. I didn’t think of it that way. Was about copying and defying. I like how plants defy gravity. Hehe, you and the gloom; i’m gonna shine the light on your melancholy..banish those shadows 🙂

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      • i think plants are grand things, defying gravity, changing colour, and making something out of sunlight and air – amazing things! you can try Mr Ryan but me and the gloom we have a pact to stick together. We have coffee clutch days and like misery enjoy each other’s company!


      • haha, i accept the challenge. Coffee be damned!Gloom is fine, but it can sometimes pull you under. Accept this as a rope of light, there if you need to pull yourself up.

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      • thank you for the kind offer – one day I might need it but not just yet, still lots of shadows that need to be sorted – I am really not all about gloom – sometimes I let a little light through and I know you see it and try to get me into the brightness. The rope is strong and will bear my weight.

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