If we’re talking
about hope.
These simple things should matter.
We are matter.
We are blood.
We are all wet underneath.
Which skin matters?
This one cuts. This life shatters.
03.47; call my name.
Blur and hum.
You see it in my eyes.
I’m not ashamed,
to say.
That all the Gods drip down the same.
And enter our purple veins.
Which one is better?
We are all
Please handle with care.
And stare,
and care.
For their heart is on your hand.
Precious matter.
Jehovah or Allah.
Peace be upon us.


8 thoughts on “Matter/shatter

  1. we are fragile, but what about hope? Think she is sturdy. Wonder how often we say this to others – you matter – so much better than other endearing words – shorter lines with even more hidden meanings – artistic!


      • Mostly after, though sometimes i see an image and it triggers something. Half successful, as not overly keen on the work – haha; an artist is never happy eh!

        Liked by 1 person

      • we are our biggest critic and worse friend! that’s why we need readers who “like” the words! experimenting out of the comfort zone can be confusing but you made me see there’s a lightness with words – enjoy the art as it emerges – revisit later and outline the borders or fill in the empty spaces. I wondered because the images are very striking all the time – sometimes I can’t look!


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