Tales from the Equator : What frightened the lizards


Another one for you Mark Ryan – accepting your challenge – be impressed the chair hears all that you say

Let me tell you a story about an old lady
who collected empty egg shells
and hated church bells

When she went to asleep at night; her house awoke
No silly, there were no fairy folk
Just curious furniture and shiny cutlery and hooks to hang your cloak

The dish and the spoon quizzed the fork and whisk
Since they helped her when she beat the eggs real brisk
Why did she keep all those eggs in a disc?

Alas the utensils just shook in silent despair
Even the table questioned the chair
And their words hung in the midnight air

But the chair, she was aware
Of most things from listening when no one was there.
“Right under this house lives a wizard.
who hates lizards
But doesn’t mind…

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