Lost in gravity

Touch the sky, feel it shake.
Trembling in your hands like fragility.
Sweet feathered blue expanse.
The planets collide and shatter, raining down on your skin.
I lick them up. Following the line up to your universe of lips.
This satellite orbiting you.
Feeling the cracks and crater within me that you foster.
Dipping my scars in ink.
Holding them forever in that back drop of the space between us.
Lost in the black void of the unknown.
And yet there is light, there are flickers from God.
The Darwinian emergence of the hope that crawls, like me towards you.
Wiping the DNA and moon dust across your face as I whisper;
I am just like you.


6 thoughts on “Lost in gravity

    • Ha! yes i thought of you in the dust line. I like the imagery also with this one. I’ve been inspired a lot by space and the universe recently….imagine that is bleeding through

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      • Thank you – I like feeling like I am dust – no matter how weird this sounds! space and the universe are totally inspiring and the lunar activity does influence us I think, glad it’s doing wonders for you and we benefit from your lovely words. When I read the lines I felt like I had marbles in my mouth – truly! That they were these planets colliding and giving me echoes in my head.


      • Wonderful! i’m so flattered to be able to conjure that within your skull. I’m glad you enjoyed them..we are all dust floating on the milky way – ay! 🙂

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