Earth mother

She never needed a woman or man.
To give her what she needed.
For Elspeth had another plan.
To pass through this world unheeded.
She studied hard and read the books.
And conjured in her sleep.
She boiled and troubled and baked and cooked.
In magic and power from the deep.
But she didn’t turn black, or any other colour.
That her witchy ways suggested.
In fact she became the perfect mother.
To earthen ways she vested.
Her time and love and all her thoughts.
To breathe life into that dying world.
The green and blue was what she sought.
The leaf of life she wished to un-furl
But not having and man or even a wife,
was wrong in the eyes of society.
And though she led an ideal life.
She left others with unease and anxiety.
For she didn’t fit into that mould,
that others could deem right and proper.
And her ways and airs were ever so bold.
So they conjured up their own to stop her.
They took their chance on a February day,
And stole her away in great pain.
Then into a court, before she could have any say.
Poor Elspeth was certified insane.


15 thoughts on “Earth mother

      • She sprinkled her crazy magic over unsuspecting geniuses waiting to be free – there’s a freedom in madness after all – and we don’t care how our hair looks like! Melancholy does give your story much depth – I was too shy to say more – but this was both – your melancholy as well as playful side – so easily blending into each other. Like it when that happens.


      • I like that, the freedom in madness. Inhibition is a powerful thing. And thank you, will steer back towards the light and happier next time though…to keep you guessing 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • no stay the course! you have too much light! darkness has it lightness too – seriously it was the most fun thing I have read this week – the end just had me literally ROTFL!


      • Well then my work is done if it gets your deal of approval. Perhaps we could collaborate sometime? Do you remember the fold and draw game, person does the head then folds for the next to do neck etc…. We could do a short story like that… You game?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Fold and draw story writing! This sounds tempting! I could try though I am not as skilled as you with the words, but I like being challenged. yes game!


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