Dance into decay

You cut my breath.
Bottled it and threw me to the ground.
Smashed my words to the ceiling.
Watching them collide and rain down like sulphur.
Lost dreams in the broken night’s sky.
Collapsing my lungs and setting fire to this correlation,
of these hearts that were once intertwined.
You place bruises on my eyelids, reminding me of your passion.
Leave me bleeding on the ledge.
Beated the love right out me.
Doing harm, because you can.
Left me stuck inside this circumstance.
Asking for answers in a tongueless mouth.
You laugh at my allergic-ness to loneliness.
And thoughts of a distant future.
Which lesson in love do I learn from?
What thought do you vacate me with?
Leaving a halo around my eye.
Which struck me right in the heart.
A slow dance in decay.


13 thoughts on “Dance into decay

      • The opposite. Cathartic. I have felt so much shame, even though I know I’m not alone. Reading this, you made my pain beautiful, and that gives me hope 😊 I find your poetry breathtaking. You pulled that pain out of my eyes, but made me smile in relief. Powerful!!! Incredible. Thank you Mark


      • Oh you’re most welcome.. Shame is a dirty coat the world forces us to wear sometimes.. There’s strength in collapse, as it gives us the chance to rebuild in a different image.. Let pain be what it is, but drop it when it’s served it’s purpose. Glad it helped in a tiny way… And for the kind words


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