A seismic reaction to safety

Dark dreams found me in the middle of the night.
Clawing me back to the dishonest land.
A foot unsteadied on tectonic plates of chaos.
You set the earthquakes within me.
Watching how I tremble.
How I shake the reasoning away.
You come from an island.
Isolated from all manner of truths and doubts.
Paradise in you remoteness.
Hidden sands of moments bleached in the sun.
Swim in the turquoised sky that reflects in your eyes.
Treading water in diamonds.
Your flesh escaping the scars.
I wish I were just as indestructible.
As I sit and watch you lasso a rope around the moon.
Pulling me down towards your solitude.
To hear you whisper late night tales of escape.
And watch the universe collapse into now.


5 thoughts on “A seismic reaction to safety

  1. This is hauntingly beautiful. I must be honest to say, I’m not sure if it is a love song or lament. It evokes a feeling of so much love, enough love to destroy the very universe, strength and passion that could devour or change everything. Similarly, I feel the very dangers of the addiction of solitude, wherein that island of protection cuts you off from everything. I feel all of this so deeply myself.


    • That’s a pretty apt interpretation. The dangers of love i guess, or the willing fall we need to take to rise. Everything is unknown in a way. Glad you enjoyed it on some level though.

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