The Ends of her world

She tried to save him on that day.
That day, when the coffee stained sky folded.
She reached out in her own way.
Only for her hands to turn to stone.
And her mind to dust.
A cruel trick of fate positioned her.
To watch his demise from such a vantage point of safety.
Silenced in an eternal knowing.
While a tempest raged in her eyes and mind.
So she threw it all back in time.
Crouched under her bed until the voices left her.
The thuds on the door and within her heart.
While the vines creeped up around her veins,
she erased all that she knew.
At least she tried to.
And she disappeared into the rains that came after.
Leaving no trail in her wake.
Chasing dragons by the flooded lagoon.


10 thoughts on “The Ends of her world

  1. An excellent study of the descent into, and resultant loss, of addiction (in my reading of this). Wonderful imagery (love your second line) and the emotions conveyed are palpable. A fine piece.


  2. felt like she had held reins of authority at some point and exerted some sort of cruel but slight afflictions and now things were coming full circle for her, while I did feel sad for her – a little – I liked the way you wrote about her sadness and almost remorse. Always enjoy your offerings, different and new each time, something sad from someone so bright and beautiful, I wonder where your inspiration lies.


    • Thank you. I’m not sure where the inspiration comes from. The swinging muse that floats around us all maybe.She was a sad creature, but a mix of consequence and bad luck. Thank you for the difference comment, i see that in your work also!


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