Creak and crack around the edges.
Let the dust and lust fall into the sky.
I spread my skin, hiding the unsightful scars.
Dazzling instead with my peacock stance.
These petals of purity, grown forth from a rugged soil.
Dance into the sunlight, coaxing ruby and daffodil stares.
Split open this mouth and allow words to flow.
Sweet like a mountain stream.
Coursed through volcanic changes of thought.
Letting you kiss my lava lips that sting your tranquil waters.
Turn my tale towards the sun, picked like photosynthesis on evolution’s hide.
What grows there they will chatter.
The borning out of terror-former.
Shocked out of a system that was impaled in the past.
Growing new delights to tantalise and snap.
Around this Venus.
Be on your guard and handle with gloves.
This thorny rose delivered from Eden.


5 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. who knew that even in Eden there would be thorns, a reality that even paradise has things that prick our conscience. love all the words but photosynthesis is my favourite today – must find a way to say it at least once to someone today!


    • Ha, i would love to know how you end up using it. Is a great word to roll off the tongue. Not so much if you have a lisp i would imagine. I think the message is like you say, no-one is perfect, we all have a few thorns…it’s if someone bothers to handle us with care then they won’t get hurt i guess. Glad you liked it, i write some of my things for specific people sometimes, you being one of them 🙂

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      • i did use it! I had a little girl patient and we were in the sun room and i asked her if she knew how leaves made food for the animals, and I used the words! aren’t you proud! she was 10 and we did a little science lesson recap with some magic dust story thrown in. thats a brilliant view on our thorns, so right, when we hold a rose, its so beautiful we want to touch it but dont want to get pricked so we are extra careful and gentle with it. both dont get hurt and the rose it appreciated for what it is, imperfect beauty. I am touched to be one of the specific people, I just adore reading your poetry but you know I love your stories better, thank you for saying this though, its very heartwarming and inspires me to be a better person. you do know you are the inspiration behind some of my more fancy tales don’t you? Like attracts like!


      • That’s such a lovely story with the little girl. So nice of you to bring another world in for her…and science is the magic of now anyway. I’m happy to have played a part. hehe. Ahhh, always wanting stories out of me. I’ll see what i can muster, i’m heading away for a bit but will see if i can post one before i go. I;m glad i’m the crazy behind the genius there for yours!

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