Pepper and papaverine

Keep my image in your head.
As your bruises turn to yellow.
As the pain subsides and the chaos falls down.
Your post-blue tiptoe through the poppies.
Licking the petals as they brown in the sun.
The cold light of morning blankets us both.
Glittering off broken promises and the whisper of regret.
We turn our world for another rotation around the central star.
Angels waiting to tear inside you.
Reparative cells bonding with my inclination.
To heal you and us, in a milky star shaped pool.
Pick the debris out of your mind and take my hand.
These explosions you are seeing, they are only clouds of uncertainty.
A falling disease, defeated by love and the heart that we call our home.
Hang you head to the side and listen.
These sweet words of supple saltitude, savouring the sublime.
Triggering happy thoughts and novocaine in our minds.
Wash it down. Sweat it out.


10 thoughts on “Pepper and papaverine

    • Wonderful, i’m glad it was inspirational…it was taking a darker tone but manage to dodge the bullet. Looking forward to see what you write next!


      • the darkness lures more than light – you should know me by now! the strength of pain and suffering makes for really inspirational writing well for me anyway. but this one I did not feel it as dark as some, though the words could be taken as that, you always make a quick turn to the light. Post something for you next week. Have an amazing weekend friend!


      • I’m glad there’s always a draw to the light, like potatoes always finding the hidden crumbs of light to make life grow. This one was a little about drugs, but most dependency, I suppose everyone is looking for a rope to relief for something.

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      • i do draw the inspiration from the darkness but never dwell there, its not a safe place to be, we get too caught up with despair i believe and then want the drugs and dependency. Relief probably – but i think most times its more to find a way to forget reality. but your words are like a chameleon perched on a mango tree, it can be seen either way, and swings the way the reader is feeling when they stop here

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