Martyrize and sympathise

If only I could let you go.
Off my skin.
Out of my heart.
I always wanted a part of you to reside.
In my cells, forever burning bright like a star.
But the cancer grows.
And eats away at my own pride.
I must be stronger than Jesus.
And survive being crucified by you.


2 thoughts on “Martyrize and sympathise

  1. Mark, as always, your words pierce deep past the skillful charades. I hear ache about the cancer and its wicked work, but I didn’t understand all that you mean. What does it represent? It’s my lack, not your writing. You have such a phenomenal artistry with words. I am always so drawn to your work. It’s hauntingly beautiful. But, there is more to this than I understand. Can you give the meaning behind the piece? It’s beautiful, but I want to know more.

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    • Not at all, and i don’t doubt your ability to interpret…sometimes things are just ambiguous. The ideas and images are about giving everything to love and another person, and it not being cared for like the treasure it should be. The heart is a precious jewel and sometimes it’s treated like a piece of coal. The parallel was with the Crucifixion, that although Jesus rose; the living embodiment died on the cross. To be stronger than him, is to survive this lifetime without being brought down by someone else and what i perceive as their spears and words. That’s not to say something shouldn’t remain, the love is like a star…maybe better burning billions of miles away than inside of us. Hope this is helpful, poetry speaks individually; so rest whatever you want onto those words. Thank you for a great question, and i’m glad you like my work…touching for you to say. Thank you.


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