life less lived but love well spent


twin-lagoon-1024x768.jpg Image from Google

Written for my dearest friend  for the celestial things we share.

Read a beautiful story “Her Own Universe” on Havoc and Consequence

Once not so very often
We chance upon a phenomenon
When a celestial body breaks free
And a star gives up its beauty
To come and live among humanity

In this lifetime we are lucky
if we come across that star
who gave up its beauty
to become light and live
humbly and generously

A star that sees your scars
and calls them pretty
that knows your hurts and
touches them with respect
and gives you back your dignity

helping you see light
when you hide
in the shadows
of cool dark lagoons
swimming in the murky shallows

this falling star is like that friend
who knows you better than yourself
for they traveled the road before you
and were sent ahead to guide you

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