Chasing shadows

And they came in the night.
Dripping off of nightmares and fears carved in rock.
Slithered out from under my tongue.
They cracked your vertebrae and dusted our world with the pieces.
Those shadows of things.
Unspoken ideas that click and tumble around your skull.
The world unhooked the latch, and blocked out the stars.
Heaved into a silent supernova which bubbled in my soul.
Flick the charcoal from your fingertips.
Smear my brain with the sooty powder of the shadow you inhaled.
The yokey adjuster that they installed in our eyelids.
Click and turn like a wheel of bones.
Yet they drape our world in festive garbs of black.
Cutting velvet cakes in half, filled with dark oily dirt.
Escaping the shadows, cupping them like butterflies in your hand.
You may feel safe, but it doesn’t make it so. The shadows know.
They feed off us, the plentiful.
Like wedding guests at a buffet.
Greedily feeding and flashing false smiles.
Letting the wolves in the backdoor.
Staining shadows.
Stealing honey from the moon.


10 thoughts on “Chasing shadows

  1. “You may feel safe, but it doesn’t make it so. The shadows know”. – the shadows do give you a sense of protection and I appreciate how you have given them such reverence here. I have never been afraid to walk in the dark, always feeling the shadows were a place no one could find me and hurt me. So I do feel safe in the shadows and yes the shadows – they know. your poetry always shiny gems Mark even when they seem to talk only of the dark!

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    • There was a duality here with the concept of the shadows, both snatchers of light and other protective characters. They were also metaphors for ideas and thoughts that spring and linger, some good, some bad. Unrealised dreams and lost words of comfort. Glad you liked it though, best to light a candle than to curse the darkness after all 🙂

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  2. I love the imagery in this one, especially the silent supernova bubbling within the soul. All beautiful dark concepts. Like dark energy always wanting to be bright energy but it’s nature only knows darkness.


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