Quit quiet qualm

You struggle to breathe now.
With guilt filling your lungs like water.
Careful not to break.
To run a ground on regret.
Problems that seemed better in the morning.
Bare on your skin like the sun of the rising zodiac.
Crawling with your Taurus tendencies.
Your face fails to fill my eyes, contorted and hidden.
Peeping in and out of truth and reality.
Slipping into the past like an exit manoeuvre.
Weightless, like your words.
Faithless and scared.
That toe dip into the world or the righteously misled.
As the dam breaks, and the clouds sigh in sadness.
Washing me in the rain of your ghostly tears.
A phantom I left two minutes before you even knew what you were doing.
Coincidence or grand design?


11 thoughts on “Quit quiet qualm

  1. Weightless, like your words. – this hit a raw nerve. Like a war within ones self and no one better as winner. I do think problems look better in the morning but sadly our folly of the night before even more audacious in under the glare of the sun. Still prefer the shadows – hides all and keeps all the secrets. Your words never fail to impress upon my heart.


    • There was a schizophrenic edge to this post, battling with the problems within. Words can hold such power, but also fall flat and are forgotten by the next day. The shadows lurk, waiting to pick up the carpet to sweep things underneath 🙂

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  2. the irony and reality of the struggle we have in us, we want to write or speak but our words often misunderstood or unappreciated. I stopped writing and speaking for a long time because of that. Its amazing what another’s will can do to ours or even our own at times. you delve deep into the psyche, showing we can be our biggest critics and so unrelenting sometimes. yes under the carpet went a lot of things, words, hurts, emotions – all unnoticed like dust till it got too much and then even the shadows sneezed!


    • It’s hard to find the balance, but it’s better in the long rung not to under rug sweep. A lot of things we worry about are pretty inconsequential in the big picture. Speak from the heart and drop a lot of the baggage is my strongest route. Crack the shutters 🙂

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      • I find this hard to do, especially with the great fear that no one wants to hear me, unlike with those who do care to know. Like with you its easy to say stuff and not think how my words may sound like, just ensuring I am never offensive in thought, like it is with my best friend, I know my soul won’t get hurt when I do speak up. But I do find comfort in your definition that everything does seems so inconsequential in the big picture, that’s a better way of looking at it. But it’s always the small things that hurt the most and the keeping score that destroys us in the end. So lots of dusting under the carpet and I have a suitcase as big as Tereza has in Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being!


      • It’s the little things that can pull you under too, words are powerful. But we have to speak up, otherwise people will end up speaking for you. Expression, not repression after all. Hehe. Hopefully it’s not a never ending mary poppins bag either, or you’ll never stop!

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