Dragon days

A sleeping dragon in these bones, steaming up solace.
Warming this heart with a smouldering fire of care.
He gives me scales which armour my soul.
A silent guardian in this misleading world.
As we meandering down our own roads.
Upon shifting tectonic plates of time and the ground we tread.
He balances and sympathise.
Illuminates and rationalise.
All that flashes and dances before these tired old eyes.
Charging at the ghosts that call me to the deep cold lake.
Banishing the knots of doubt, that weevil into my mind.
A guardian, a soul protector.
Giving me magic to fly into the mystical sky.
Leaving shadows in my wake.


6 thoughts on “Dragon days

  1. Dragons evoke such power and majesty don’t they, the mere word gives an impression of greatness and deep magic. I overheard older aunts saying that a perfect home needs a Dragon child and many families actuallyplan to have one. Protector of the family name and source of great prosperity. All cultures seem to give such reverence to this mythical being. We may all have some dragon in us and never allow it to unleash its power. Food for thought….


    • Ah that’s really interesting, i like the notion of dragons of protectors. I like the idea of a small tiny one slithering about the house, weeding out the bad spirits. Thanks for sharing! Like the art work?

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  2. oh I loved the art – always wanted a tattoo or something like this on my back to show that I am driven by a force greater than me. the muted drawing that would move with stretched skin. Well the little slithering ones are a cute thought but yes in Chinese culture a Dragon baby is adored! Sadly I have none, the one that could have been was a born a week after the New Lunar year and so he is called the tail of the dragon and head of the snake, still considered a powerful mythical being. the one that shares the name with someone in common. powerful isn’t it when we see a birth of a child more than just one of love – appreciating instead that they come to add something to the value of life.


    • Ah yes, a dragon tattoo would indeed be great. I like the idea of it moving with the skin movements. Hope no Girl with dragon tattoos shenanigans though. It is interest the values we attach to things, birth is a wonder , and there’s another layer added with this idea. We can all do with some added protection!

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      • Oh I am not that type of girl – and still no tattoos though my eldest boy has a few. He has always been attracted to the power of the trident and recently the artists are amazing at creating the layered 3-d effects. sister usually comes up with the designs for him. We get comfort and protection knowing we have such mystical beings within our sphere and sometimes become more tangible for the power we lend to it. If you did get one, what would it be? Can’t answer here it’s ok I will add it to my email later. Happy week ahead to you!


      • I thought you might have a sneaky neck tattoo maybe. I like the dragon one though, or a tiger. I have a few already. I think i would like a small dragon though, maybe the size of a cat….and yes, it would come everywhere with me. hehe

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